warrior diet results- This meal plan can be used for losing fat

The Warrior Diet is probably quite different from any other diet you’ve experienced. This meal plan can be used for losing fat as well as gaining muscle, and does not entail counting calories or using highly restrictive lists of food. In addition, the Warrior Diet doesn’t require small, frequent meals—it actually discourages that practice. The Warrior Diet suggests engaging in an “undereating phase” for most of the day, followed by an “overeating phase” during the evening. According to the official website for the Warrior Diet, such a schedule encourages an optimal hormonal environment and improves energy production and fat burning.

Improved Protein Absorption

When you’re dieting, protein intake is often emphasized, as carbohydrate and fat intake are often discouraged. However, many protein sources, such as meat, can be expensive, and the Mayo Clinic suggests that high protein diets may cause liver and kidney problems or worsen existing issues. Ori Hofmekler, founder of the Warrior Diet, explains that the protein absorption rate dramatically increases on this nutrition plan. This means that you can consume less protein and still maintain or increase lean mass. However, Hofmekler does state that some protein is necessary for maintaining good health.

warrior diet results

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